Heilongjiang Provincial Fedration of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives is established in July 1949, which is the largest cooperative economic organization for agricultural; the economic union organization of the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives, and is also the top management institutions; the main hall class unit, which is directly under the provincial government with reference to management of civil servant law.
According to the regulations of the chapter, the leadership system of the organization implements the " two sessions", that the trustee council、the board of supervisors. The congress of the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives is the highest organ of authority, the trustee council、the board of supervisors and the leading members are elected by the congress. The trustee council is the actuator during the congress is out of the session; the board of supervisors is supervisory organization of the provincial association; and both of them are responsible for the congress and report the works.


Sponsor: HeiLongJiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative   黑ICP備15003737號-1

Address:19, Xisandao Street, Daoli District, Haerbin              Post Code:150001

Telephone:0451-84655455                       E-mail:[email protected]

Technology Support:HeiLongjiang Huifeng Jingyuan Electronic Commerce Corporation Limited

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